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Use "Estimaster2" to estimate New Homes, Renovations, Additions, First floor extensions etc.

Using the inbuild "Builders Calculator" an instant price and material list ready to print.

Edit the database to suit your suppliers and trade prices. It is in your control.

Your Construction Estimating Software Helps You From Start to Finish.
A quick look at the program.
If you’ve been struggling to create your Quotes and you need to keep your workers going and your bottom line looking good. Then this is definitely the most important letter you will read today!

Here’s why:

In just a few moments, I’m going to reveal how you can start producing Quotes … with a few keystrokes and a simple click of your mouse!

It’s true.

If the thought of being able to instantly generate Quotes that will produce sales like crazy without having to spend hours at your desk slaving over producing your Quotes … or without having to pay way too much of your profits to professional to have it done… appeals to you, then I urge you to read on.

If you have been looking at other estimating programs that can "do it all" and

maybe to complicated for you? Then try "estimaster2".

This is Your Chance to Explode Your Profits!

We all know that using a good tool can quickly produce thousands of dollars in profits – provided you get back to your client fast with your quote.

Unfortunately, coming up with the right quote that suit your client, can be extremely difficult even for the best professional estimator – which means most builder owners either end up spending way too much time trying and failing to come up with the right quotes on their own … or they end up paying way to much to have a professional write it for them (and even then, more times than not, the professional - quote still doesn’t produce the hoped results).

But now there is a new solution to this ongoing problem.

Introducing the Estimaster2 Software Program …

At last, there’s a program that actually takes you by the hand and leads you through the 5 simple steps of creating a professional estimate!

  • Estimaster2 is Any Builders / Trades Dream!


  • Get it today and you’ll:

  • No longer have to worry about how you’re going to pay an estimator to produce your quotes for you.

  • No longer will you have to stress about whether you will get it out in time!

  • No longer will you have to pull your hair out trying to do everything yourself while ignoring other important aspects of your business!

Estimaster2 is a fast, easy to use tool that is a delight to work with. The complete Construction Estimating Software package is about 2.5mb - for quick download. There is a real-time Help system available to introduce the functions. Quotes are presented as a simple 5 step process - 1 window for each step for easy navigating. Roof/Rafter and Quantity Calculators are fully integrated in the full version.

Click to find out...................................................................  How Estimaster2 work? 

You need a good, fast estimating program.  Try before you buy....  Click to download

Using the Builders_Calculator will extract Quantities/Prices automatically for:  

§  Footings

§  Slab

§  BV/Joist

§  External Frame timbers

§  Internal Frame timbers

§  External Brickwork (Windows deducted auto.)

§  Internal Brick/Block work

§  Internal Linings (Gyprock) walls and ceilings

§  Fascia/Eaves

§  Ceiling Joist

§  Architraves

§  Roof Surfaces



If you like to try with the database file for an immediate start to Estimating. The database can be customized for any type of business. Estimates and other reports can be exported to Excel.  


Estimaster2 will help you to get the Quotes out in time. The program is fast and easy to operate. Now is the time to invest in the right estimating program without being forced to take lessons and spend money every year to update a database you don't need for somebody else to make $$$.  (Estimaster2 have no yearly subscriptions)



Whether you’re creating a simple estimate or a very detailed estimate, "Estimaster2" let's you add various mark-ups, tax situations and waste allocations, Plus, you can change these in a snap to analyse different scenarios for your proposal in seconds. You can copy previous proposals from other projects to edit and quickly create a new proposal.

The "Estimaster2" program allows you to manage a library of thousands of parts seamlessly integrating labour and contract information such that it is capable of creating complex Quotes and proposals for detailed projects.


Or, you may also use the program to create a small and simple part library allowing you to determine an estimate by merely summing basic item costs. Regardless of your level of sophistication or intended application, you will soon find that "Estimaster2" allows you to generate bids accurately and easily; truly, a breath of fresh air.

Select the Report and Print......

  • Job Estimate Details

  • Job Estimate (totals only)

  • Job Estimate (qtys. only)

  • Calculator Summary



       Please NOTE!

Estimaster2 is a generic program and can be used for any type of estimating. You don't have to be a Builder to use the program. The full version comes with the "Builders Calculator" and Database. If you are not a builder, this can be removed from your purchase allowing your purchase price to be reduced.......

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