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"Estimaster2" The program you can grow with"
"Estimaster2" will estimate New Homes, Renovations, Additions, First floor extensions etc.

If you could get an estimating program and have it paid for
in just one job....would you get it?
Estimaster2 is just such a program.

Estimaster2 works with a data base you can edit to suit
with your material prices and labour cost.

The more you use the program the more accurate it will be.
With a good estimating program you will cut your estimating time in half.

Estimaster2 received an excellent rating in the ease of use category. Although it is very basic in design, it is organized in a logical manner which is easy to follow. After consulting the "how to" manual and attempting some trial estimations, the program can be mastered by a novice. With each use of the program, the estimation process is quicker and simpler. After evaluating many complicated estimating programs, we were pleasantly surprised to find that Estimaster2 was relatively simple to operate. In addition to its straightforward format, Estimaster2 offers a "how to" manual to guide you through the process of setting up an estimate.

Estimaster2 is a very basic construction estimating program. It offers various customization options and is simple to navigate. The program navigation is easier with each use of the software. This is important for the builder who doubles as a part-time estimator and will not have constant experience with the software, it performs a straightforward, accurate estimation. The purchase price for this basic estimation program easily meets the needs of small construction and sub-contracting companies.

Don't get left behind get yours now.

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Only $100.00
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